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Brand Licensing Europe 2019

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We’ve just got back from Brand Licensing Europe 2019 at the Excel exhibition hall, where we met up with many old friends and made many new ones.

What was striking was how brands have collaborated with fashion, who would have thought Sesame Street could line up with Burberry and Beckham?

And there was some startling exhibition stands on show.

What we found exciting was that many brands wanted to look at character mascots in a more cost-effective way, they wanted to understand what’s new, where’s innovation, how can they do it better.

Everyone we spoke too had a mascot in some form, some were happy with their designs, others were looking for alternatives.

The mascots parade has always been a showstopper and there were some fantastic creations on show.
But we couldn’t actually remember if we had seen many of these characters out and about anywhere?

One brand said they saw their mascot as purely a vanity project and didn’t know what they can do better with it?

Another said they have a disparate approach to using their mascot and wanted to understand how they can narrow their focus by developing their POS and retail activation.

But there’s no doubt that everyone stopped for photoshoots when the mascot parade was in full swing, and smiling, so the magic of mascots is still alive and well.

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