Caring for your Mascot

Caring for your bespoke mascot costume.

Thank you for purchasing a character Mascot costume from Mascots-inc. With proper care and knowledge your costume will bring many years of enjoyment.

However, it is an expensive garment and we recommend that you brief the performer in proper care and attention to preserve the life of the mascot and reduce the cleaning costs. Your Mascot has been factory made using high quality foam and imitation furs and fabrics.

There are no hard edges to your costume to ensure maximum comfort. After each performance, a simple wipe down of the costume with a damp cloth will suffice, a deodoriser spray can be used to  freshen the costume. If you feel the time has arrived for your mascot to have a thorough clean then the following instructions are provided.

Cleaning of the body, if your mascot consists of a one-piece fur body this may be dry-cleaned or machine washed on a gentle wash at 20 degrees temperature, the same applies for hands and overshoes. Rubber soled boots must be hand washed. The costume MUST be left to air dry – Do NOT tumble dry.

The head of the mascot will not require as much attention as the body and can be sponge cleaned, however heads cannot be machine washed; DO NOT WASH A HEAD WITH INTERNAL COOLING FAN.

For removable clothing such as under garments or mascot clothing made from fleece or nylon materials, these can be hand washed or in a washing machine on a very cool wash at 20 degrees temperature maximum. Gently re-shape the costume parts on a flat surface to dry naturally.

Please contact us regarding our cleaning and maintenance packages or if in doubt.

To preserve the life of the mascot, please have an assistant mascot handler help remove the costume and place it back in the original bag or box.

Never wear your mascot costume in the presence of fire or whilst smoking. As your peripheral vision and hearing will be impaired as will be your mobility, never wear your costume whilst driving a car or using any form of equipment. In purchasing our product you agree to waive all legal rights pertaining to accidents or injuries incurred whilst wearing or otherwise using our product. Mascot extras available such as tidy carry bags, deodoriser sprays, hygienic head covers inserts, spare hands and feet, printed mascot t-shirts and cool jackets with ice inserts are available.