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With the ever changing new trends in animation and entertainment and the constant evolution of CGI pushing young impressionable imaginations to the limit, the gap between a character viewed on screen and a real life version making an appearance or performance needs to be captured in a way that captivates the younger audiences and keeps alive without question the magic of their favourite personalities.
At Mascots-inc we are constantly identifying  these new trends and have presented opportunities within our manufacturing that have not only pushed boundaries on techniques and designs to produce a quality world class character mascot but promise a magical end result in appearance that sits seamlessly with the animations that are in the hearts and minds of kids all over the world.
An outdated mascot appearance will leave doubt over the characters true identity and be challenged if it doesn’t match the expectation of its young fan, therefore we have engineered and developed modern 3D software that will take a 2D image of a character and transform it like for like into a larger than life version .
Our mascot heads are taken to a new level with an oversized contoured design that are comfortable and snug to wear with the aid of an internal unique head fitting to ensure the mascot head is balanced and secure at all times, we only source beautiful fabrics and plush materials for high quality flawless end results and we introduce intricate features such as big bright and wondrous eyes.
When you commission a mascot from Mascots-inc you are investing in a convincing character costume that will fit your brand identity as well as your performer.

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