Character Development

Tell us who you want your character to be, what they believe in and where they’re from then pack them with personality so they’re instantly recognisable as a symbol of your theme park.

Once we’ve worked out what they look like, we’ll bring your character to life as an intricate 3D model.

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Character Creation

Next, we’ll work on the little bits that show your character’s HUGE personality. 

Sticking to your colour choices, we’ll decide on the furs, fleeces, fabrics or plastics that your character wears and supply you with digital samples of the materials. If your mascot is a fan of patterns, we can even dye sublimation print the fabrics for a vibrant and flawless end result. These clothes, accessories and props will give your mascot their own personal sense of style.

Finally, we’ll give your character a unique way of viewing the world. We’ll create their body language, facial expressions and way of movement to give them a life of their own. Before you know it, they’ll be the star of your theme park.

The only limit is your imagination!

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Character Merchandising

Allow theme park goers to form bonds with your mascot by having fun with merchandise, like plush toys. Audiences have fallen in love with plushies from our clients including Travelodge, the NHS and Aldi.

Or create packaging and point of sale to match character personalities. Whatever packaging you need us to create, we make sure the characters have space to do all the talking.

We also design billboards and character cut-outs to suit any location. We can make any signage ideas you have for your characters a reality. That’s why clients come back to us again and again.

Character Engagement

We create experiences so exciting your character come alive!

Mascot Inc.

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We can’t wait to make you!