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How Charities can expect more pennies in their collection buckets if it’s being held by a big cuddly character mascot.

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Is it your charities turn to collect outside the large supermarket store on a Saturday morning, Volunteers wearing bright branded Tabbard’s with their charities message on it, armed with buckets they stand patiently collecting donations. It doesn’t matter what your charity supports many parents are still rushing past to get their weekly grocery items with kids reluctantly in tow and you can become slightly invisible.

Picture instead a scene from a movie, those large supermarket doors opening like theatre gateways to showcase not only the volunteers with buckets but a magical larger than life mascot it could be a bear/dog/cat/monster … it doesn’t matter what the character is, suddenly everyone will be clambering to see you to share a high 5 or a cuddly selfie.. so now you have grabbed their attention there wont be many that will pass without feeling like they should contribute to that very simple minute of happiness and escape, and indeed they will give because they also received.

Many charities have confirmed that their donations increased by 100% simply by having a mascot with them to create more awareness and to spread their message in a Furry way.

Its is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run and its well worth the effort of using your mascot for every fund raising opportunity you can.

We are introducing our very own Money Making Monster in the next few weeks, a mascot specifically designed for charities to hire for their events with the opportunity to sell our matching plush mini mascot toys for a 40-50% profit mark up. We will keep you posted on the launch but you can register your interest by emailing us at subject line MMM.

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