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Are you fed up with looking through the internet only to find the usual suspects when it comes to mascot costumes?

It can be a minefield, where do you start, where is it manufactured, how do you put value on quality, who makes the best mascot costumes, how do I know what the finished project will look like, will it look like my character, will it last, will it fit my performer?

Here at Mascots-inc, we probably know every manufacturer on the planet, their good points and their bad points, so we evaluated our manufacturing and processes, and as a result of studying the industry since we started fifteen years ago, then we set about creating the worlds best mascot manufacturing company from humble beginnings.

Today, we boast an enviable client list from a who’s-who of global brands and retailers.
With offices globally and three manufacturing operations each with different specialisms, we sit “head and shoulders” above any of our competitors!

So what do we do that’s different?

Well, we invested in technology and software enabling us to create, or work, on client’s 3D files to replicate their characters to perfection.

But surely everybody does that?
Well some state it but don’t, and it’s true our studios still get out pencils and paint now and then, and we still work in 2D format as well.

But we wanted to create mascots that bring that CGI quality to life with huge resin life-like eyes that really bring out that WOW factor.

We then set out manufacturing the components directly through an engineering process to cad/cam cutting tables and vac formed parts such as teeth, glasses, body parts and elements of props.

We coat our fabrics in materials that prevent creasing so they bounce back into shape retaining that perfect form.
And we use injected resin eyes that bring a life like quality to all our creations.

And, we are pushing boundaries with animatronics and engineered elements to production, lastly, we are exploring how through augmented reality we can add to your marketing mix other aspects of driving sales at retail by using your mascot to maximise that all important ROI.

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful CGI character created for an animation, film, TV programme, computer game, theme park or retail activation, only to find it looks nothing like it when you receive the final mascot, or, wishing it could be better.

There are some great manufacturers out there no doubt, some have been around so long that they are the go-too people rather than explore new options or ideas, and then there are those who portray themselves as mascot makers, only to deliver nothing like what was envisaged.

A poor mascot stays in the mind for all the “wrong” reasons detracting from your brand goals, our mascots stay in the mind for all the “right” reasons, enhancing your reach to your target audience and maximising your return on your investment.

We absolutely love what we do, it’s that passion that has seen us grow into what we offer today, and we haven’t stopped exploring for what’s next on the horizon with innovation in brand activation.

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