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The Professional Range

Truly inspiring character costumes lovingly produced and created by our team of skilled Artisans that put their heart and soul into each and every project.

  • Hand illustrated detailed 2D design
  • Wide choice of high quality materials offered as sample board.
  • Pantone printing
  • Comfortable hollow head design with inner soft head structure with fan fitted, operated by 9V battery for ventilation
  • Excellent vision and light and comfortable to perform in
  • Luxury high quality materials used throughout
  • Branding available
  • Solid large performance feet with soles for durability
  • Bold finish to a high standard to engage with various audiences and for regular performances.
  • Canvas storage/transport bag, care instructions, and care pack
  • Prices start from £1595
  • 4-5 weeks delivery

The Design Stage

Send us your design and artwork however embryonic and our team will produce an accurate scaled 2D detailed drawing to show how your mascot will look.

Want it wider? need it taller or prettier? we can make these amends until you are happy.

A fabric sample board will also be offered at this first stage.

Our designers work closely with our production technologists to hand over the project once your character is approved.

Bringing your character to life.

We use specialised hi tech machinery and hand crafted skills to produce our Professional range of Mascots Custom formulated foams are made especially for us to give durability and strength to our structures but enable them to be flexible and safe for your performer to be comfortable.

Battery operated fans are fitted as standard to each mascot head and an internal head structure is built inside the hollow heads for stability and maximum vision.

High quality fabrics and furs are used and our experienced tailors complete each project to a flawless finish.

Eyes teeth and special features are all individually created and added in the final stages.
Soled large feet are designed to be easy to wear. Branded Garments and accessories are made to fit your mascot perfectly.

Your Mascot will be photographed in our studio and showcase images will be sent for final approval and feedback. We will then ship your mascot with full care instructions and a zipped waterproof storage bag to any address in the world !

Case studies from our Professional Range

We'll bring your character to life!

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