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Step 1

Put pen to paper

Send us a sketch or an idea, no matter how rough or detailed, give us some information on what you want to achieve, do you want your mascot to dance, run, jump? Do you want to print materials to pantone ref. numbers and include your logo and branding?

The only limit is your imagination, we can then create either a simple 2D drawing or an intricate 3D model depending on the build level you wish to achieve. If you have existing artwork or a logo then this can be sent to us to use as a first stage in the 3D modelling process.


Step 2

Our experts model it

Our designers will use your drawing or existing artwork to translate your character into a mascot using hi-tech 3D software with precise measurements for accuracy. These files are saved so that they can be used again if required so if you require another 1 or 100 mascots they will all be the same. This studio time is an important factor in the production of your mascot and we can make changes at this stage until you are 100% happy to approve. we use 3D for all our mascot heads on this range so the likeness will be exact.

Our Theme Park range is manufactured to far greater detail, these start from £1,800 and we can add animatronics, LED lighting and aspects of augmented reality for a totally immersive show.


Step 3

Choose your fabric

Once we’ve created the drawing we provide you with digital samples of the materials, which match your pantone references, we also decide on furs, fleeces, fabrics or plastics. We can also add props and additional garments such as hats, scarves, t-shirts, suits etc.


Step 4

CNC Technology

Once your happy with all the stages, drawings and materials, the fun begins! Our team of experts at all different stages start discussing the finer details so that all elements of the construction work seamlessly together to bring your character to life in a magical and soulful way.

We take photos and even videos of these stages so you can see the passion we commit to each stage of this process. Towards the end of the manufacturing, we send you photos for final approval and prepare your mascot for delivery to anywhere globally.

Case studies from our Theme Park range

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