Why choose Mascots-inc rather than any of our competitors?

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We really bring your idea to life!

Firstly we listen, we want to understand exactly what you want in your designs and exactly what you want to achieve.

We really bring your idea to life!

We cannot express how much we love what we do, our passion, fun and enjoyment hopefully spills over in all our communications, even over the slightest detail, and with our
global sites, we are on call 24/7.

We also understand that you are making a large financial commitment and want to achieve maximum exposure with long-term returns on that investment, a Mascots-inc character mascot will provide exactly that when comparing ours to many of our peers with quality and longevity.

Secondly, we very simply build the worlds best character mascots, period.

Many clients ask why we do not manufacture in the UK?

That’s easy, experience, quality and price.

The “professional” mascot industry globally is very niche, the number of manufacturers in the UK is very small, therefore the overall manufacturing experience is limited to these few suppliers, and, our competitors cannot compete in supplying and servicing clients on a global basis.

And, does it matter? The short answer as to why we don’t manufacture in the UK, if you want to buy a Ferrari you do not need to question where their factory is?

That’s why we decided to invest heavily in creating state of the art manufacturing for both our Theme Park and Professional range mascots in our facilities in Turkey and Poland.
Our studios internationally have far more experience in the creative process with over sixty five dedicated designers and creators on hand providing 2D and 3D designs, and, the detail to quality in the manufacturing process with full automation across many aspects, is absolutely world class for a lot less money than many of our competitors.

We do NOT manufacture our mascots in China as some of our competitors state, and we advise that you do not buy mascots from there as the quality is extremely suspect and they generally look nothing like the character you require.

However, our Chinese factory for manufacturing of plush toys to accompany their grownup versions is really geared for mass volume manufacturing on a scale not on offer

Our plush toy factory also supplies many of the leading toy brands globally with their own products and packaging.

Each of our manufacturing locations has been chosen to enable us to meet quality, supply chain demands and for the cost of manufacturing and distribution.

Our head office management have backgrounds in retail marketing, creative, innovation and product marketing, sales, marketing and manufacturing on an international scale,
driving the overall business, allowing our factories to do what they do best, create the world best character mascots.

Hopefully our photos and images throughout our website convey the beauty and quality of our mascot costumes, do you know our resign eyes and irises take four hours each to
manufacture and set, these bring a human like quality to our mascots that engage with people emotionally with that ahhh factor.

As much of our work is bound by confidentiality, we do not advertise the vast majority of our work online, however, we do have over forty different catalogues across different
genre’s we are happy share when you make an enquiry.

We are also happy to enter NDA’s providing reassurance that your needs and requirements will remain confidential.

We ask clients to compare our mascots in fine detail to measure our offering to other suppliers, we know all our competitors globally and we are so confident in our offering that
we are happy to share these competitor details with you so you can obtain quotes from professional manufacturers only, not cheap fancy dress suppliers masquerading as mascot

Lastly, we are so well equipped in not only our extensive experience within the industry with over sixty five specialists, but also with heavy investment in 3D technology, computer cad/cam engineering, animatronics, vac forming, dye sublimation and digital printing, 3D printing, our facilities are absolutely state of the art.

So apart from world domination of all thing’s mascots, we are also investing in augmented reality to supplement the sale of our cuddly plush toys and support their grown-up
versions that take mascot performing to new heights.

It’s our passion, quality, experience, global client credentials, return on investment and unfailing attention to every detail that sets us apart from our competitors; we really cannot wait to make your character mascot