Character Wonderland

Character appearance management for events, attractions and retail outlets.

We are the experts at delivering inspiring and entertaining character interactions for your guests.

Increase your brand awareness

Create a memorable
guest experience

Increase footfall

Opportunity for
secondary spend

Welcome To Character Wonderland

At Mascots Inc, we know exactly what it takes to bring your characters to life.

As well as creating magical character mascots,  we also manage and co-ordinate their appearances.Because we live in a digital world, we know how vital real life interactions can be - leaving lasting memories on your customers, guests and visitors.

What We Do

Start-to-finish expert support to deliver a successful event

Highest quality costume characters

Professional performer and chaperone

Support your marketing team with full brand assets pack

Co-ordinate with operations team for event logistics

How it works and what’s included


How it works and what’s included

Take a look through our catalogue of characters. Remember, we are also the best at making characters, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let your people talk to our people about making something bespoke!


Choose your date

Speak to our dedicated team about character availability. We’ll book you in the diary and co-ordinate all elements including appearance schedule.


Tell the world!

Shout it from the rooftops! You’ll receive an exclusive marketing assets pack to aid your event marketing.
Imagery, copy and useful instructions will be issued to ensure your message is heard!


Your event day, it’s showtime!

Our duo team of performer and chaperone will arrive and deliver a great guest experience for your customers.

Our Character Catalogue

White Bunny


Corporate Character Catalogue

Lidl Liam

Kevin The Carrot

Our Home Is Your Home

Do you have a mascot costume character? Did you know that we can pamper and protect them at Mascots HQ?


Our fully managed services mean that your mascots are housed in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility that rival the grandest of estates.It’s a space where every thread, every accessory and every aspect of your character is treated with the reverence
it deserves.


We can include your mascot in our exclusive character catalogue.

We’ll co-ordinate and manage the diary for your character while you increase your brand awareness and earn an appearance royalty.

Find out more today about our storage and appearance packages

Our fully managed services are designed to care for your mascot like no-one else, after all we created them and to us all our mascots are part of our growing family.

So, let’s get started!