Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park in Qatar is one of the largest Theme Parks in the Middle East.
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Desert Falls Qatar
Project Details:
Using the clients original files for their three Theme Park character's, we were able to translate these formats into 3D pattern pieces enabling us to replicate exactly the life size forms for each of the walkabout mascots Lenny, Sandy & Sammy. For the intricate Leopard skin markings shown on Lenny we digitally printed the patterns taken from the style guide. We used special effects for Sammy the Turtle’s shell and body and for Sandy's outfit and props. We injected BIG personalities into these three to ensure the walkabout mascots were the same in real life as they appear to their audiences on screens and tablets. We are highly experienced in mastering techniques to create mascots suitable for hot climates.

Transforming Digital Art Into Real Life Character Mascots

Our mascots are created from the digital CAD files, meaning they’re as accurate as possible.

We Make the Best Mascots in the Universe… Period!

We deliver world-class custom mascots that stand out, draw incredible
attention and have massive personality.