As well as producing the two main character children Latifa and Rashid, we also supplied their 3 Guardian friends "Alif" "Terra" and "opti" designed and built as Robot mascots with interchangeable LED facial expressions operated by remote control.
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Project Details:
We also delivered " Mr Scrap the villain" along with his sidekick dog " Floppy" , an animatronic functioning robot that took part in many of the Expo shows and was a work of art with around 8 hours of continuous battery time. In total we supplied 5 sets of each character (35 in total) and supported the contract for the total duraton. But that's not all !... As a world first we designed and engineered flying versions of "Alif" and "Terra" the characters were designed and built around professional drone shells to create aerial night shows from the skies of Dubai. We are incredibly proud of the skills and passion we injected into the Expo characters and the rewards this gave us as a company and a team.

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