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So now you’ve found us we’re here to help. Let the magic and fun begin !

A beautifully made Mascots-inc character mascot elicits an emotional response in the consumer that no other form of marketing can match; after all you can’t cuddle someone with an email!

And here’s a bit about us!

  • 4 state of the art factories.
  • 8 offices globally
  • 65 creative Specialists
  • 200+ mascots per month capacity
  • 1800+ global clients

Mascots-inc deliver world-class custom mascots that stand out, draw incredible attention and have massive personality.

We don’t just make the best mascot costumes in the UK, Europe, Asia or even the USA, we simply make the best mascots in the universe, and we do it with a smile and with passion.

Whatever your plans are for your new character mascot we can help you decide the best method of manufacturing. We offer 3 levels of mascot manufacturing, from brilliant fundraising Mascots to our more “out of this worldTheme Park CGI style characters each offering various strengths and qualities to build and identify your brand.

Making ideas reality

Send us your picture, no matter how crude, even a spud print will do, and talk to us, let us know who, why, where or what and we will do the rest and translate that into a magical character that will wow your audiences regardless of age.  Notice all the w’s?

Whether you need a superhero, a cuddly teddy bear character, a giant ice cream cone or a larger than life Carrot we’d simply love to help.

It doesn’t matter what you need, we can make it, and we make it with a passion to make a Big Impression.

Think BIG and we will make it BIGGER

think big we make it bigger v3
masha and the bear wepen son 1

Make a BIG Impression

Who do we supply?

Only the biggest companies on the planet that’s who! But it doesn’t matter if you are a global player or a one man band, every client has our full attention in delivering something that makes you proud to own.

Take a look below!